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  1. Thanks Jim. I just messaged a guy who was supposedly a district manager for Lexus and is a fellow enthusiast. Hopefully he will have some insight. Picked up the Lexus today and ofcourse...they state the vibration as normal and cannot find any "unusual" vibrations. But my steering wheel is no longer cocked to either side. Apparently they feel something and are trying to fix it...just won't admit there is a problem when they can't get rid of it. Spoke again with the Service Manager and let him know I do not plan on giving in. But I sure feel like it. Honestly I wish they would take the vehicle back and I could be done with this.
  2. Jim, that is the part that is boggling my mind. The vibration can happen at any time. Usually when it is relatively cold outside the vibration seems to be worse regardless of whether the engine is warm or not. It doesn't necessarily increase with speed either. I have felt it at it's worst at only 35 mph on a very smooth road. Strange huh? I feel like it has something to due with the beginning stroke of the shocks. They absorb bumps great but when riding on a perfect road void of bumps or irregularities they feel as if they are constantly producing a bouncing effect. ??? As if they cannot remain still. Why that would translate into the steering wheel is beyond me.
  3. Well guys my LX is back at the dealer for the vibration. I contacted Lexus Customer Service and let them know about the issue and that it is not getting fixed. Whether or not they actually can put any pressure on the dealership is yet to be seen. I do know they have been in contact with them. I was at the dealer this morning explaining (again for the 4th time) what the vibration feels like to the Lead Diagnostic Tech (again) and the Service Manager. They have decided to keep the vehicle several days so that the Lead Diag guy can drive it to and from work. I wasn't crazy about this but how else are they to fix it? I don't feel confident AT ALL that they are going to help me. I don't feel like they even acknowledge this as a problem. We had 2 days of great weather in the high 60s. Both of these days the LX drove PERFECT. There was no vibration felt in the steering or seat. It was wonderful! But now that it is cold again, the problem comes and goes. Even after driving for 30 minutes the vibration will pop up to say hello. Since it is intermittent now and comes even when the tires are warm, I do not believe it is caused by a flat spot like they want me to believe. Today I almost became an a$$hole customer when the Lead Diag guy asked me what I wanted him to do about it. You could tell he was getting an attitude. This *BLEEP*ed me off so I had to "raise my voice"; he quickly reverted to trying to please me again. You know how they do...yes Mr. Smith, no Mr. Smith. I sure hope they can find it this time. If's gonna get nasty.
  4. Hi Mitch. I know how annoying issues like clunking, etc. can be. The touch screen on the 2003 LX is very similiar to the GX you are using now. However let me warn you. Before you buy the LX, make sure you have PLENTY of test time. Drive it as much as possible before buying. You may end up trading one problem (clunking) for another (vibrations). Even though GXs and 4Runners are known for vibrations I have found far more in the LXs. I have had 2 4Runners. One a 2004 Sport V8 4x4 and a 2006 Limited V8 4x4. Neither had a clunk or vibration but the seats bothered me. So I traded the 06 in for a 2003 LX470. WOW...seats are so much better...but wait! I have an intermittent vibration that the dealer cannot they say it is a "normal" characteristic of this vehicle...which I find hard to believe. However I have driven many LXs as of late and most demonstrate the vibration. Even on Michelin Pilot LTX tires, after multiple types of balancing the vibration remains. I have had clunks in vehicles before and let me tell you it is far better than a non stop vibration. I won't even take road trips in my LX because of it. My LX is in the shop for the 4th time for this same issue. I haven't even put 1500 miles on it since I bought it. I don't want to scare you off of an LX470 because they are extremely nice vehicles. Personally I cannot think of another SUV that is more reliable and yet still provides the level of refinement that the LX does. Just make sure you test drive on different roads and also make sure they let you test it cold. If at first you notice a bouncing effect it may be flat spots on the tires from sitting on the lot. This is quite normal. Good luck with your decision!
  5. Hey. No chrome rims on the LX. Just the OEM 18s. Haven't checked the spare. What is your email address? I am just a regular member so I am not permitted to PM or find out your email through the forum. Thanks I sure hope you don't find it! It is driving me crazy. I am going to call (yet again) the dealership tomorrow and let them know it is still there. I have a feeling there is little else they can/will do. I don't think they are a crappy dealership, just that they don't know HOW to fix it. I guess my only option now is to call the service manager and get a Lexus Rep involved. I just have this feeling that LXs are not suppose to vibrate at all. I highly doubt the engineers who originally designed it would accept it.
  6. I wish it was that easy! It has practically new Michelin Pilot LTXs on there now. The a call from the dealer yesterday stating that during their testing they found that the left front tire had a flat spot and that they put a brand new Michelin on and the problem is solved. They said they tested it and it drove "beautiful." I got excited because I am so ready to be done with this. Picked up the truck, grabbed some new cabin filters from parts and took off home. At first I did notice something felt different...then I realized that before, my steering wheel was cocked to the left, now it was just to the right side. No big deal...didn't notice any vibration! A few minutes pass....and the vibration is back! I don't know what to do. Also I am not sure what road force balancing is. I do know that the manager got a specific tech to do this job. Even heard him mention he wanted him and him only on it. As far as what he was supposed to look for...had something to with the way the surface of the tire actually mates with the road. I remember him talking about the number system they use with it...maybe the same thing?
  7. Here we go again! I am a relatively new LX470 owner. I have had this vehicle for approx 1 month now and am having an issue with a vibration. As I am typing this the vehicle is currently at the dealership for this problem. The vibration can be felt at all speeds and throughout the entire cabin. It does not cause any noise, just a feeling/mild shaking in the LX. At times it can be felt in the steering wheel. It is not major, but it is very annoying to me. I am a hypersensitive individual as well...little things annoy me like squeaks, rattles. I switched to Lexus for this reason...they supposedly had a great rep for quality and ride. My vehicle backgrounds consists mainly of BMW and Toyota. I even had a 99 LandCruiser which DID NOT vibrate...althoug it did have 16" wheels. My last M3, while it was far stiifer when absorbing bumps and irregularities, had a smoother ride on perfect asphalt...which to me makes no sense. I have had the tires/wheels balanced...helped with slight pull to the left but did not fix the vibration. On the second trip in, a diagnostic code for a faulty ride height sensor pulled up...sensor was did nothing for the vibration. It is in again today. Have had 2 different people drive and ride with me. First person didn't feel it, 2nd did. Said it was NORMAL. So I decided to drive other LXs on the lot. ALL of them have this vibration! What is going on. I feel like a !Removed! because I have been griping about it and it is normal! Why would this high end vehicle produce this slight vibe? Can anyone explain. I was beginning to think it was something to do with a bent driveshaft and here I find out it happens on all LXs I drive. Does this not annoy anyone else? The LX is staying at the dealership overnight with the Lead Diagnostic tech to see if there is anything he can do to reduce it. I have little faith. Any thoughts? I have had several peole say this is not normal and the dealership is just using this as an excuse. Then why does it happen all the LXs I have driven? HELP!