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  1. On my 2006 ES330 the right fog light mounting bracket broke. The bracket which is totally encased within the bumper is molded to the bumper so a new bumper is the fix. The dealer Ray Catina Lexus and Lexus Customer Service says it's not covered because it "could have" been caused by hitting something. The problem with their hypothesis is there is absolutely no damage to the bumper... not even a scratch to substantiate their very subjective opinion. Nor has the dealer or Lexus CS made any sort of suggestion or recommendation alternative fix/repair that would be agreeable to both parties... they just don't care. So at the end of the day, the bumper to bumper warranty doesn't cover the bumper. Lexus customer service does not want to inspect the car and made the decision solely from the dealers service department. I've had BMW's before this car and they where troublesome. The difference is BMW ALWAYS fixed the problems. I've have two problems with the car, 1. The awful hesitation is stop and go traffic and 2. the fog light bracket... and Lexus won't/can't fix either. This will be my last Lexus.
  2. Weak battery or low alternator output. Put a digital voltmeter on the battery, run the engine about 2K RPM, the meter should read above 14.2 volts. If it does the alternator is OK and the battery is weak, if it's below 14.2 volts it's the alternator not putting out enough.
  3. Eurpoean cars? I've had 2 BMW's an '00-328 and an '01-540. BOTH were the most troublesome cars I've ever owned. Great handling and responsiveness but that's were it ended. The hardware and switches were junk. EVERY magnetic door lock failed, sun roof mechanism failed, A/C fan control failed, Ignition switch failed, radio volume control failed, side view mirror fell of, rear ball joints failed at 25K, cruise control switch failed, speedometer bezel cracked, steering wheel tilt motor failed, driver side window mechanism failed all during the first 4 years of ownership. When I complained about all the failures the service rep said "too much plastic"! BTW I was at the dealers so much we were on a first name basis. In my 40 years of cars these two had gave me more trouble than all the American and Japanses cars put together. What crap when you consider the 328 cost 42 grand and the 540 the better part of 60. They may run all day long on the Autobahn... when their not in the shop fixing all that junk hardware.
  4. Just a thought, this looks like a plug used at assembly of the tranny. Some x-mission manufacturers fill the tranny with oil when assembled and the filler tube is plugged at the bottom so the oil cannot leak out, no dip stick is inserted at that time. When the tranny is put in the car the dip stick is inserted in the filler tube pushing the plug into the oil pan and there it sits until the pan is dropped.