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  1. Hello! ¿How long it will live the battery of the hibrid system? ¿How many years can I stay without changing the batteries of the hibrid system from the RX400H? ¿How much it cost to replace one of these batteries? ¿Are there somebody ho has problems with this questions? Thank you at all!!!!
  2. Hi everybody, today I'm going to buy my Lexus rx400h, in blue Thanks every body for your comments! I will answer in a few months how are my feelings with this car. Bye!
  3. I've heard the rx400h had "little bad movements" in the middle of a curve when the rear engine starts because it's necessary, is it true? Thanks at all!
  4. Andorra is a small mountain country from Europe between France and Spain, it has snow and low temperatures in winter and very hot in summer. You can find easily snow, rained, ice roads. Thank you for all your replies!!!
  5. Hello, I want to know the people opinion about this 2 cars (Lexus rx400h or BMW X3). I want to buy it one of them but I don't know how is better. Wich are your opinion about? - AWD vs xDrive - Transmission - the acceleration - stabiliy - .... Thanks at all! p.d. Sorry about my English
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