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  1. Does anyone know how to change the personalized settings on a 2005 RX330? I would like to stop the auto retract of the steering wheel when the key is removed. The dealer said that you need a hand held diagnostic tool from Lexus. Others have said that you can do it through the nav system. Any ideas would be appreciated. Eric
  2. I changed the oil and filter on my 05 RX330 today and I was cleaning the engine compartment. I noticed that the metal portion of the transmission cooler hoses closest to the bottom of the radiator have a coating on them which almost looks like corrosion. The pan under the front end of the car protects these hoses and the bottom of the radiator but they are still suseptable to get road salt and snow in there. Has anyone else noticed this? The film on the metal looks like the type of coating that you see on an aluminum chair when it is left outside.
  3. Jeff, thank so much for explaining the transmission issue in a way that is easy to understand. I have spoken to other RX owners who have said that they notice the same thing. This drive by wire transition is taking me a long time to get used to. Eric
  4. Thanks RX. I really love the vehicle. Other than this issue, there isn't one thing that I can complain about.
  5. I have a 2005 RX330 with 15k miles. Ever since I purchased the car new, the transmission has had some issues. Initially, as the car was coming to a stop, I would feel a slight bump as if someone had tapped the rear of the car, just as it slowed to to under 5mph . I brought it back to the dealer and they reflashed the computer for the transmission. Now it almost seems like the lockup torque converter is releasing at under 10 mph and you can hear it. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Are there any TSB's that would apply to this situation or do I have to learn to live wih it? I love the c
  6. After I take my 2005 RX330 for a ride and park it in the garage, I smell a slight burning smell after the car sits in the garage for a few minutes. The best I can do is determine that it is strongest near the engine compartment but yet I cannot see anything. Has anyone experienced this? Eric
  7. Hello, I have noticed lately that every once in a while when I go to apply the brakes, it feels as if there is a "clunk" in the brake pedal. The brakes stop fine and there is no other noise. Has anyone else had anything like this? It is a 2005 RX330 with 10k miles.
  8. I have a 2005 RX330 with five thousand miles on it. Recently, when I go over bumps, I hear a rattle coming from the rear drivers side of the moon roof. Has anyone had any issues with moonroof rattles?
  9. Can you tell me what Data Dots are and what they do? Never heard of them before. Im sure your DRl should be working ← Data Dots are installed by the dealer for cars in NY and NJ based on the amount of theft of the hid units. I received a notice from Lexus to bring my car in to have these units installed. They are like a micro chip installed on the inside of the light so that the police can trace them if they are found. In addition, the dealer places small stickers on the lights and the windows of the car so that potential thieves can see that the hid's have been indentified and ca
  10. Hello, I had my 2005 RX330 in to the dealer to have the Data Dots installed on my hid lights. My wife picked up the car and now I see that the daytime running lights no longer work. Before I call the dealership, is this right? Does the installation of the Data Dots change the drl's?
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to try it out. The car only gets used on the weekends and there have been times that I let the car sit for ten days before utilizing it. Eric
  12. Tom, thank you for the response. At least I am not crazy thinking that I was the only one with this problem. Eric
  13. Hello, thank you for responding to my post. I would have to say that the shimmy gets less when I hit the brakes but only because I am going less than 65mph. It is crazy because after about ten minutes of driving at highway speeds, the shimmy is gone completely. I had the car up to 85mph on the interstate today and the wheel was steady as a rock.
  14. I have a 2005 Rx330 with 500 miles on it. I took the car back to the dealer the day after I picked it up to complain about the steering wheel having a slight shimmy at 65mph when the car was cold. The dealer told me that this was normal as the tires develop flat spots from sitting and would go away once the tire heated up. The dealer rebalanced the tires. I have the 18" rims with Michelin tires. The problem does go away after driving for about ten minutes. Is this normal? Eric
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