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  1. hi does anyone else hear a gargling noise when they accelerate? It sounds like water being sucked into a tube. Is that the intake....this is a stock IS300. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. THanks
  2. Hi I've heard that there are a few recalls or defects that Lexus fixes for free on the IS300. Does anyone know what they are and how do i know if my car qualifies. If not, does anyone have any idea where i can find out???
  3. I got the same strut bar. When i had it on, the engine seem to be restricted because the strut bar was in the way. Every time i reversed, there would be a big clank because the engine manifold hits the bar. It wears away the lining under the hood too. Since then i took the bar off. If you put it on, tell me how well it works.
  4. hi i need the steearing assy for the Is300 or just the rods at the end is ok too. I also need a steering pump in good condition. Thanks
  5. Hi i'm sorry if this was posted before, but i have moisture in my headlamps. HOw do i take out the headlight assembly? I know there are two visible screws. Is that it? Can anyone provide instructions? I also need to open out the housing, do i need to put it in the oven? Please help. Thank you
  6. Found the problem! I didn't replace the cluster or anything. I think there is a short somewhere. I checked all the fuses and they are still good. After a long while, i decided to supply a temporary power line to the fuse for the cluster and it came on! NOw i just need to go through all that wiring to see which one is not delivering power. Anyone know where to look?? Or does anyone know where i can buy that electric diagram manual for the 2001 is300?? Thanks
  7. 17 rims it is! Now i need to find a set of 17 rims. You know where i can get a set for a reasonable price. I am looking for the gunmetal is300 rims.
  8. hi don't mean to barge in but i have a similar problem. I have a 2001 IS300. The lights in the dash doen't come on. I tried the light knob that adjusts the light and still does work. Any ideas? The turn signal, power, snow, highbeam all still come on when i activate them. BUt the backlight doesn't. Maybe the leds are out. Anyone know how to take out the cluster? Thanks!
  9. hi might be a dumb question but what does it mean when you say "bleed the brakes"?
  10. Thanks a lot for the advice! you know if the RX300 16 rims would fit the is300 with winter tires? I want 16 rims for winter but cannot find it listed for the is300 anywhere.
  11. First was the wheels because i heard many is300 owners were not happy with the grip in the winter. Second, intake, but don't really know whats the beat one for my need (Everyday driving with the occasionally heavy foot :D ) I also lost the master remote key. Can lexus make another? How much do they charge? Can i just buy a new one and program it? THanks for helping
  12. before you put the housing in the oven, do you have to remove anything else besides the bulbs? What about the rubber seal that is no top of the housing?
  13. i installed a hid kit in my 95 es300. The stock projection housings really help spread the light. There is a major improvement to what i can see at night. I installed a 5200K kit because 6000k or above is too blue and will actually put less light on the road. I mounted my ballast underneath the headlight housing. If you take off the headlight housing, you'll see a 4 inch thick steel rod. That rod connects the bumber to the car. I just used 3m double sided tape to attach the ballasts to these rods and it sticks like crazy! Just make sure you make some kind of water shield so rain will not get
  14. hi! I just bought a used IS300. Does anyone have any facts or flaws about the car they'd like to share? I'm also looking for performance upgrade parts, can anyone recommend any? I have the stock 17in wheels on the car. I noticed that the manual said that those wheels does not give good grip in the winter. Should i go find the 16in and wrap all seasons on them for winter use?
  15. Thank you! That might just be the problem. Let me go check it out tomorrow!
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