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  1. Here are specs on the 2023 RX 350H. No plug-in available in Canada, and no pricing or fuel economy ratings yet. You're probably correct about the price being more than the current gen, so I may have to reconsider ordering an NX. I test-drove a 2020 RX 450H the other day and it felt great, but I couldn't get the EV Mode to engage at speeds over 55 km/h or so (the battery was low, however). But if you can get 31 mpg with a regular RX, the hybrid should be able to beat the EPA ratings. Still, I think premium gas is a deal breaker for me. Pity, because I prefer the old-school physical buttons/dials on the previous gen to being forced to rely solely on a touch screen for everything. 2023 RX350H.pdf
  2. I agree the NX makes a lot of sense, but I gather the 2023 RX will have a similar engine to the NX and won't require premium fuel (and should get better gas mileage)....so depending on price and wait times, I may consider a new one. I do like the size of the RX (my wife says "go big") and would consider a current or older one but I've read a lot of complaints about fuel economy - for some reason people seem unable to reach the EPA ratings yet alone better them, which surprises me; I drive a 2013 Corolla and with gentle acceleration plus lots of coasting and cruise control I'm able to get much better mpg than the EPA ratings. Can any RX hybrid owners confirm if they're able to get into the 30s mpg with hybrid driving techniques?
  3. Thanks for the advice regarding RX hybrid. I've been thinking about it and there is a 2020 RX 450h in my area with only 28000 kms for 60k cad (I'm in Canada). My only concern is premium fuel and relatively poor fuel economy (vs NX or ES hybrids). I've been research RX hybrids online and a lot of people seem to only get mid 20s mpg.
  4. Thanks for the info, Les. Do you think the ES would suitable for a family with a child seat in the back? I test drove one and it felt surprisingly cramped regarding head room, particularly in the back seats - my head was hitting the ceiling when I tried to sit up straight.
  5. Good point about fuel economy being better on the highway, although I think NX450h is still pretty good, especially if you start off your trip with a full charge. Any thoughts about safety? My wife is expecting our first child next March, so I want a big, safe vehicle. Would NX (or a similar sized suv) but safer than an ES? I know they are both IIHS top safety pick+, but it's also sedan vs suv....
  6. My wife and I are looking to upgrade our 2013 Corolla to something bigger and I'd like to stay with Toyota/Lexus. We want something safe with excellent fuel economy, ideally an SUV. Our top choice would be the NX 450h but dealerships tell me it's a 2-3 year wait, which is too long. Also, I test drove the NX and although it's an SUV it felt very small inside - to me it looks and feels more like a hatchback (not meaning to insult anyone who has one, it's a beautiful vehicle). I could order a Ford Escape plug in and get it much sooner but I'm worried about Ford reliability. So now I'm considering an ES 300h. My concerns are: 1. Would it be safe to drive in a Canadian winter? I would use quality winter tires but still, it's FWD and ground clearance is lower than an SUV. 2. In general, would the ES be as safe as the NX? It sits lower and weighs a bit less but it's more than a foot longer, so that might help with safety...? Before anyone suggests the RX hybrid, I've already considered it and it's too expensive, requires premium gas and the fuel economy isn't nearly as good as the ES or NX. Any insights? Thanks!
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