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  1. Thanks, I'll make note of that. But does the pink stain from the coolant on the old gasket help verify a leak from a faulty head gasket? even if it is minor leak? A leak is a leak.
  2. I finally got my car back from the mechanic. The reduce price to $3000. I hope it'll run for many years. I have a timing belt, water pump and head gasket. I also saw the old, faulty head gasket and it had pink on it from the leak.
  3. yeah...now I know a little about diagnosis..I mean, now I know I have to learn about cars in my spare time and get multiple opinions without telling each mechanic what so and so said. Now I know I have to google like no tomorrow and talk to people like you before signing off on a costly repair. 15xk miles, 2008 Lexus needing a head gasket. I mean, now that I talk to people, it is highly suspect. We're in a recession. Wish mechanics took photos and videos of their findings just like I do when I inspect homes. Especially subarea photos. Some transparency and build trust. If I or they mess up, we mess up. Things are fixable.. Anyways, I just need this thing fixed. He offered to refund and take the part out for that $500 'repair'.
  4. They weren't diligent the first or second time I left my car there. Maybe the third time when they pulled 'things' out to inspect. I don't know. I may be giving them too much credit. that shop has 3 guys working there. I don't know if shops are normally that sized. One of them said they checked everything PRIOR to the head gasket diagnosis. He said that it takes a long time to make a diagnosis for the p0300 code. Looking at that Youtube video, it doesn't seem like it takes a long time to rule that head gasket issue out. The third mechanic asked me if my car shakes when I brought up the head gasket replacement. So maybe the mechanic is right about the diagnosis.
  5. Check out this Toyota mechanic's Youtube channel on cars, car repairs. Diagnosis on head gasket in Lexuses and Toyotas....
  6. It's both equally expensive. 3250 for a new used engine. Versus 3400 for timing belt, water pump and head gasket. I did check Yelp and Google. There isnt' a shortage of good mechanics here in the Bay Area. Yes, it is suspicious now that you mentioned it. A 15 year old Highlander engine with 68 k miles. Some of the engines on Ebay have 15x miles.
  7. I had 5 codes, p0300, p0301, p0305, p0302, p0303. We replaced the all 6 spark plugs and coils and everything but the p0300 went away. So you think it's a timing belt issue? What problem do you think my lexus has? It shakes and has a p0300 code. I want to leave. my dad OK'd the repairs. I 'm a bit iffy. TIA
  8. So are the other 2 mechanics I've spoke to....I talked to a third one while getting my Corolla's breaks replaced and he said that 4 cylinder typically have head gasket issues. Not 6 cylinder engines. So he found it odd himself. He wanted to replace the engine w/ one with lower miles. Rather than change the belt, water pump and head gasket. The more and more I read and talk to other mechanics, the more I have to tow it to another shop. The mechanic also said that if it is a gasket replacement that I need..I may as well get a new engine (07 Highlander or Rx 400h) with lower miles. We found a Highlander in Fresno with 68k miles for $1250 shipped. $2,000 is the labor that they charged. That solves the gasket, timing belt and water pump issues. He said there is too much labor for replacing head gasket.
  9. I'm not worried about the $100 fee to tow it. I just don't know where and how much the dealership would charge for a simple to complex/serious repair. There's a dealership upcharge. I take it there to get a diagnosis and go elsewhere? Official dealership mechanics seem to get the job done, are thorough and mechanics there appear to be impartial to customers and do their job regardless. My cousin is a mechanic at a Toyota dealership. I see a fair share of these rx400 or rx 350 around this mileage on FB marketplace. Or up to and around 200k miles. Decisions. I wouldn't mind selling it but you're right. People have to know what exactly is wrong with the car to not make it driveable. All those maintenance issues like timing belt and water pump are normal. I would be selling as is. People will know about the maintenance problems if they know much about cars. You're right. I need a diagnosis for the p0300 and fix whatever needs to be fixed. The mechanic appear to be certain it needs a head gasket replacement.
  10. This has been a headache. I don't even have the ability to tow the car from the shop to Toyota or another independent shop with AAA. I've always thought these can go for 300k+ easy. Since it's a Lexus. How many miles is on yours? I see a rx 400h, 153 k miles, gold for 8,800 on Facebook marketplace. And this model is the upgraded model with the DVD player. I got this Rx 400h for 8,000. I just need another opinion before I sell this. Thanks, David
  11. That's what I've been telling my dad and sister. So many red flags for mechanics that's been doing this for decades. I want a $500 refund. I kept asking them if it is safe to drive. They said to keep driving it until the other cylinders show up on the scanner. I could have damaged the engine. told me that I reset the system with my ODB2 scanner. SO i had to drive a week with this random misfire code until they know what cylinder is the cause of this. They only replaced 3 out of 6 coils and sparkplugs. When I first took it there, I found 4 misfires, and the p0300. But they only replaced 3 out of 6. I thought replacing the other coils would work but it didn't. They replaced the other 3 and nothing was fixed. they replaced something for $500. Kept the car longer and found other issues. After I paid for $500 repair...I looked at the dad and said to replace the other coils and spark plugs. Then left. The 3 of us drive or used to drive the Rx 350 and 400h. My dad says they're understaffed. Probably don't have time to do a thorough job? Have bigger jobs at hand? I hope they aren't looking at us (we own a small business that they know) as a quick way for some work. They said that my dad's 06' 400h transmission needed to be replaced. After that, he's been driving that 06 400h without issue. Maybe they saw it was wearing out and so they made that suggestion? They said the failure rate of that head gasket happens to 200 out of 1000 cars like this. I just want to make this drivable. I've been using an old Corolla for work. I actually need a second opinion. I don't know many mechanics. I didn't know mechanics at dealerships and independent parties take photos. That's good. When I do inspections, I take allot of photos so clients and realtors can look at it themselves. I want to be transparent. If I make a bad call, it's on me. Do you think this rx 400h can go to 300+ miles? Should I sell it for 4000-6000 as is? I paid 8000 when it had 133k miles. Got a mechanic to look at it prior purchase. Thinking of a 2012 or newer Prius.
  12. Hi, What are the cost to replace a head gasket in a 08' Rx 400h? Anyone get theirs replaced and can give me a number? The average cost for a Lexus RX400h head gasket replacement is between $1,765 and $2,024. Labor costs are estimated between $990 and $1,249 while parts are priced at $775. https://repairpal.com/estimator/lexus/rx400h/head-gasket-replacement-cost Thanks, David
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