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  1. Thank you. Yes I did mention this to them. They are still trying to blame the transport driver. Today they wouldn’t return my phone calls. The last time I talked to the manager and asked if they had done a full inspection he said yes. When I asked about noticing the damage to the differential he got quiet. He brought up the transport guy again and said he probably did it. He also told me that he had to leave before transport got there and put the fob in the gas tank. I thought that was pretty dumb. I don’t know if I have any recourse now to get them to pay for the differential? I think they fixed the wrong part and put the car on that truck knowing it wasn’t repaired..
  2. Thank you. It was an open truck but yes the type to drive it in. I found out today the dealership in Texas that fixed the fuel valve said it was ‘fixed’ but then left for the day and put the car keys in the gas cap. The transport person then drove it on. When it arrived to me it was the same mileage as on their repair receipt but you could hear the noise and the P light (power steering?) was on. I really appreciate all the advice. I would assume it wasn’t properly fixed the first time. Can a bad differential make the car stall or sort of lag in power? Is it best to keep her car and get the local mechanic to fix it (new differential) or sell it?
  3. It was brought on an 18 wheeler. They drove it down the ramp and it was already making an odd noise and a light was on. Before it was transported it was checked in Texas at the Lexus/Toyota dealer and they said it was the fuel valve. Then they said it was all fixed and it got loaded. But if everything was fixed why did it come to me damaged?
  4. Thank you. Dealer said it’s an internal error however it was checked prior to getting transported so could a transportation truck damage the under carriage? The first mechanic said it’s damage not wear and tear but I agree with you cost wise, I understand it’s more important to replace the unit.
  5. Hello I’m new to your lovely community. My mother passed away two months ago. Her car is all I have left. It’s a 2015 Lexus nx200t. She was always good with the maintenance. It’s only at 99995 miles but once I had it transported it’s been making this horrible whirling sound. I got two mechanics (one being Lexus) to take a look. They both said it’s odd but her back differential needs to be replaced. Regular mechanic quoted $3100, Lexus said today $5200. Is this normal for a Lexus, to go so quickly? It’s never been in an accident. Her warranty expired at 75k. Does one need to get it fixed at Lexus? I know Lexus cars last but now I’m worried about the upkeep and wondering if she got a lemon.
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