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  1. My 2021 LS 500 has had some problems and I've tried to get lexus Corporate involved as my local Lexus dealership, Lexus of Roseville, has been dishonest and tried to get me to pay for a warranty fix which they later denied. The other local dealership is under same ownership so not sure it'll be any better. I called Lexus thru their 800-255-3987 Customer Service number to little avail - slow call backs, no extensions given, excalation to a supervisor didn't really do much. Is there a better way to escalate with Lexus? My previous 3 Lexus models were faultless but this car, with less than 6k on it, has had 3 issues so far, seems it looks like I need a way fo contacting lexus corporate that works.
  2. Thanks RX400h, I was unaware of those things. I'll look into Lemon Law & Consumer Reports membership. Cheers!
  3. Bought a 2021 LS 500 last year and have 3 warranty items already at less than 6,000 miles. This is my 3rd LS - previous 2 were faultless, our LX was too. 1. Wrong tires - the Dunlop RFTs on my car are like boards - dealer says that Michelin RFTs work, Dunlops don't, so am I expected to pay $2k now to replace OEM tires with alternative OEM tires after less than <6k wear? 2. Central armrest loose - had to get new center console replacement parts to fix problem - only 90% fixed. 3. Secondary rattle from center console - after 4 days at the dealer they conclude "noise improved but still heard. No further repairs available" So, I'm rapidly concluding that my car is a 'Covid build' where the factory shipped it with poor assembly (assembly Covid interrupted during build) and the only available tires. So much not what I expect from Lexus - wonder if there will more and more Covid build issues with other models and marques...
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