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  1. Hi, Thanks to all for your feedback. I ended up with the autobody shop used by us previously. The work has been consistently good and the prices reasonable. The shop has a computer system for matching colors (I saw a Lexus RX300 on the lot as I pulled in and the boss told me they work on a regular basis on Lexus and Mercedes vehicles). The Lexus dealership did refer me to an outside shop for body repair on the RX, so I decided to go with our own shop. The claims adjuster came today and saw the damage (he could see the imprint of the license plate of the other car on my rear bumper). He e
  2. Katzjamr, Some very good points! I believe I was headed in the direction of your thinking, since in NY, the rear end accident is considered the fault of the person who hit my car. However, you have given me pause to consider letting the Lexus dealership handle the repair. Crystal2.
  3. Monarch, I was under the impression that any incidents (my fault or not) would be held against me. However (unfortunately), my husband was driving our Toyota Avalon when it was rear-ended and totalled in another recent accident. Both of us are safe drivers but a group of metro NY drivers are aggressive, inconsiderate and frequently in a great rush. We were told that it would not affect our insurance records since it was not our fault. In fact, our insurance co. recouped the deductible for us from the responsible party's insurance co. There appears to be no question of who is responsible
  4. Hi, My new RX330 was rear-ended today. Fortunately, the damage was minimal with mostly cosmetic damages - scratches and rear bumper dent. Questions: 1) Shall I avoid taking the car to Lexus dealership for repair work since Lexus charges are known to be inflated? My concern here is that excessive cost for repair will show up as a recordable accident for my car, thus affecting later resale value. In NYS, any property damage over $1000 has to be reported to the state. Should I take the car to an outside repair shop if the repair work is under $1000 so that it does not appear in the accident
  5. Thanks for the specific recommendation. I appreciate it and I will try the Zeiss Lens Cloths, if Walmart still sells them. :) :D
  6. Thanks, LexusKid630, I had purchased a fabric for my laptop lcd screen and it worked adequately for dust, but the fingerprint marks remain. That was why I did nto expect it to work with the RX Nav Screen. I will try it out though now that I have your suggestion. Is yours a particular brand? The one I bought from the computer store is 3M, Microfiber Notebook Computer Cleaning Cloth. claimed it could clean fingerprints from computer screens, but that has not been my experience. I will try it out in the car later. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can offer a solution for cleaning ( :D ) the NAV screen in the RX330. I just noticed that our very new RX Nav screen is already showing unsightly fingerprint marks on the screen after less than 100 miles of driving. Will the fingerprint marks come off with wipes and some sort of cleaning solution? I had seen Nav screen protectors in eBay, thought of purchasing them, then forgot about them until now. Any suggestions? Also, how good are the screen protectors?
  8. MrSquid, I thought all Thunderclouds are Limited Edition. According to the broker I spoke to, there have only been 500 total Limited Ed. TC manufactured for the U.S. (for 2005). However, I thought all TC have the Black Birds Eye Maple wood trim. I am not sure mine has the TC batch on the center console. I will check, since you have me wondering if there are Limited "Limited Edition" TC in the U.S. Anyone else know out there? The color of MrSquid's maple wood trim makes me wonder.
  9. I have just passed the 30000 miles on my 2004 RX330 and I am very happy with fuel economy. My daily running includes probably 50/50 of town and freeway, so this gives a good average, which equates to 25mpg on a regular basis, if I do mainly town running, this drops to around 21-22, but pure freeway at cruise of 65mph gives me a nice 28 mpg.I would like to add thought this has been achieved through experimenting with octane of gas, and now I find the premium to be the best for mpg, so in the end it works out cheaper. One hint , these cars like to be driven smoothly , without a lead foot, so
  10. None of the ECUs remember more than ~3 minutes of "driving style" history and even that history is erased each time the vehicle is restarted. Otherwise the next driver, after the LOLITS, might be really surprised at how poorly the vehicle reacts. ← Unlisted, I paid $41,800 (included $400 for transport from CA to NY) for a 2005 AWD TC, Towing Prep, Heated Front Seats, Adaptive Headlights, Automatic Wipers, Headlamp Washers, MSRP $46,363. I had to pay $45 for doc fee, TTL (8.75% NY), in addition to the above mentioned price. Still trying to determine if the low miles make this SUV l
  11. Thanks to all for your responses. RX400, I guess I am "regretting" not getting the hybrid tho the upfront $9000 difference in price was a disincentive, plus unknowns about how the parts will hold up over time. However, I do have feelings of envy reading about those who are averaging 27mpg with the RX400H. Oh, well. I do love the luxury feel of this SUV (better than the Audi Quattro A6 my husband has been driving). Unlisted, I purchased my RX TC from a CA. dealership on April 16; had it transported from CA to Long Island. Unfortunately, the worse part of the deal was the salesperson tri
  12. Unlisted, Thanks for your reply. I did not realize there are 3 more gallons after the 0 meter reading. This would bring my mileage up to approx. 12.5 mpg for in town driving. Still not that great; however, the RX was getting better mileage for our first highway driving last night. Hopefully, it will improve from this initial poor mileage. (My husband might also have inadvertently lowered the mpg by driving short distances in town with the 4th gear instead of driving in the "D" position. I also made the initial mistake briefly until I read about this in a forum).
  13. Can others here in forum let me know what miles you are getting for your RX330? My first 1/4 tank of gas is averaging approx. 10 mpg for in-town driving (1/4 tank with 50 miles driven, 19 gallons total per tank). Does the mileage improve after break-in? Does this have anything to do with the oil (get slightly better once get synthetic oil change)? What other ways to improve mpg? I am a careful driver (coasting of car, gradual braking, when possible). This is of concern to me because I thought The RX330 was fairly decent with mpg compared with other SUVs of its class. Any comments?
  14. I'm not sure where you heard your info Crys.....these tires just hit the market a short time ago (not 100% they are even available in the U.S. yet) Personaly experence, no.......but I had personaly experence with the Toyo M-410 & the new Open Country H/T (h/t stands for Highway Terrain btw ;) ) & they were just fantastic for long mileage, wet & snowy conditions with a 60,000 miles treadlife......these new H/T's trump the previous on in every category! B) I would pick up the phone & call a few places Canada or the U.S. & try to find out more info. B) ←
  15. Lexusfreak, Thanks for your response. I had seen the reference to the Toyo tires. It looks good, but I read reviews (forget where) that did not give such high marks to these tires. Something about excessive noise and, not sure, if there was something about poorer traction than expected? Do you have personal expereince with these tires? The tread life sounds good and all the specs. seem excellent. Do you know what the 18" sell for (approx.) or the smaller size if that is what you purchased? :D
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