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  1. Y'all, I went back, they checked it over and said it's fine. I like the advice of going to Firestone and will do that. YES, old car I guess I should have expected some issues...just not so soon. Sputtery may be a bit drastic...completely unpredictable on acceleration...tired...slow...groggy...can feel shifting into gears with abruptness...not smooth. NOT SMOOTH - best description yet! Yay!
  2. Well, funny you should mention the gas. They told me when I bought it I could use regular gas. I've put nothing in it but premium. THEN I started reading that regular gas is actually better for acceleration? Bizarro--I know nothing about all this, so my last fill up I put regular but did not notice a difference.
  3. I just purchased a 2016 RX 350. IMMACULATE. The most beautiful car I've ever owned. The only other luxury vehicle I've ever owned was an Infiniti, which drove like velvet. I touched the gas and was smooth acceleration. YES, I test drove the RX 350. Yes, I am a woman and was not paying attention to the acceleration. It's my fault, so let's get that out of the way now. The best way I can describe the RX350 is unpredictable acceleration. Doesn't matter whether I'm in ECO or SPORT, it is sputtery. NOT to the point of OMG my car is about to break down, just OMG this is so annoying. I brought the car back to the dealership (Lexus in Baton Rouge) and they checked the car over and assured me nothing was wrong with the car and that it probably needed a "reset" since it was not used to me, the new driver. I scratched my head, squinted my eyes and said, uh, ok. They said they "reset" the car and it should be "used" to me in about 200 miles. Well, it must hate me. Honestly, I hate it back. I paid about $5K more than I should have because...there are just no cars out there right now...and feel like I got screwed. Is this NORMAL for a Lexus? Am I being ridiculous? I'll just go back to my Honda Accord with 150K miles on it if this is luxury.
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