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  1. Mods - I would like to sponsor this forum or sign on as a vendor but couldn’t find a contact form or link. Please PM to setup if you can. Please don’t delete this thread. Just PM or email so we can discuss sponsorship. Thanks! Members - I’m here to share a project I started several years ago that I think may be of value to you. In short, I manufacture and sell aluminum replacement parts for the plastic window clip/tab that always breaks. As you know the only other commercial solutions are a new window from a scrapyard or the dealer, both of which still utilize plastic parts and are destined to break. Over the years I’ve sold hundreds of these repair kits for many Lexus makes/models. Rather than retype everything, here’s a link to a highly trafficked summary post: If you want to just skip to my retail site here’s the link: Thanks so much for checking us out. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results. I’m fancy I have no doubt many members have already used my kit to fix their car. Rich
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