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  1. hi all.i have a 93'ls400.just changed my rear shocks (tyre wire 1sided) and wondering would adjusting the camber adjustment bolt to '0'position on both the rear wheels effectively sets the camber angle to the 'original' factory state?thanks in advance.
  2. have laid up my ucf10 for a couple of weeks as i was on overseas posting.back now n everything works fine except for my cd changer.the head unit would not reconize it (selecting cd provokes nothing) but m able to ejecting the cartrage but nothing happens when i load it back (no motorise noise/movement).is the changer out or any wiring/fuse issue here..advise/suggestion pls before i send it to a workshop ...or start looking for a aftermarket changer..thanks in advance.
  3. need some help with reagards to their oem part number for my 93ls400 1) coolant expansion tank 2) front and rear sway bar bushing 3) all parts required for h2o pump change thanks in advance
  4. guys...my ls's brake has suddenly gone stiff follow by a weak hissing from the driver's side air-con vent(my's a Rh drive), brake-travel almost limited and braking power close to none.have search the forums and i suspect the brake booster is the culprit.(with engine off ,pushing the brake pedal still feels stiff and pumping it shows no different in travel but no loss of brake fluid)could the hose going into the booster be the cause?would bleeding the braking system solve the problem?could it be a stuck calliper?brake master cyclinder faulty as well? as i intend to rectify the problem myself, anyone with simillar issues please advise.thanking in advance n cheers.
  5. hi guys, have posted regarding my plight few weeks back but it seems that im not getting any answers..i have done a diy on the clusters..(changing of the caps212,142,147) and now whenever i switch on the headbeam,the backlight of the temp/aircon/cd panel would go off)..any suggestions or anyone be kind enough to share with me a wiring diagram for my troubleshooting on the cluster...please..(my cluster's code g4-83010-50540)..thanking in advance.
  6. changed the ckuster's cap c212,c142,c147 ...all seems in working order until i switched my headlights on..the lcd backlit for the clock,cd/radio just went off.. but would come back again once i off the lights...a screw lose somewhere on the pcb while assembliing??Amykind kindsouls please advise.thanks
  7. thank u for your quick response...was getting worried and decided to jack-up the car and crank it up...guess what?it sounds like someone is trapped inside the right cat resonator..thats why all that rat-tat-tat..strange enough the noise disappear after 15mins but the idling was way too low and it behaves like what you have explained...no power to the right bank cycl.will check the o2 sensor first thing tomorrow and take a look at the wires afterthat...other opinions?
  8. guys i need urgent help..came limping home last night,it just refuse to accelarate pass 50kph and a strong rattling noise was heard, parked and it smells burning/unburn gas when i opened the bonnet..minutes later,some smoke (hot water mist to be precise)starts to rise from the back of the engine near the egr pipe..puzzled as the temp meter looked normal. took my rest and pray hard.this morning when i crank the car up, to my horror there was this metal bearing grinding/rat-tat-tat noise that seems to be coming out from the lower rear of the engine.(engine n tranny area).shut it down immediately n check the engine oil,trnny oil..no issue here n i crank it up again but still that fearful noise persist. no white/odd smoke from the exhaust though but it refuse to rev pass 2000rpm. and mis-fires.. i know that the water-pump is failling (pools of water/bubbling sound) but i think this is Dead Serious..do shed some lights cos most of the spares for my car is not available in my location.
  9. VBdenny,i have uploaded the video on youtube. link as follows:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A1Rny03G9o.hope you guys can figure out what exactly is making the noise...gentleman...i have another problem now or mayb sk can have some say on this.. i have taken the tb out for a clean n flush the ps pump,i found that there's only 1 vacuum hose from the intake manifold that goes into the ps pump(the 1 from the air intake resonator is missing)is this normal??after putting all the parts back...the idle have gone up(2200rpm)n adjusting the tpc offered no help...i have check all vac hose n my tpc is 3months old...helpppp :cries: ....me pls .thanks in advance!
  10. thanks guys for your pppppprompt response. :P .RFeldesf: the power steering's liquid level is normal n the temp seems to be ok even when i was caught in a 40min snail-pace jam 2days back...but im sure the noise closely resemble a pump-like purring away but is it audible as the h2o pump is located between all the pulleys/fans?there is another pump right below the fan belts that pumps the transmission oil right?SKperformance:i have tried cutting down the distances i travelled but do elaborate on your suggestion..(besides belt dressings etc...symptoms?)VBdenny:shall upload it soonest n share my noise...he..he..anyway...i m heartened n really appreciate the advises you kind people here have given me..m hence i have postpone my trip n see what are the options available..thank u all u kind souls.(fyi-my baby drives on the right-..) ;)
  11. hi guys..any advice or remedies.....my ls400 92 started to emit a twriling (at idle) sound recently.the twirl becomes a whirl (like a aircraft turbine)as the rpm climbs.i rekon the souce comes either from the left timing belt housing (as view facing the car)or somewhere below it..could it be the idler pulleys or bearins giving way and would it be safe to drive it as im going long distant this few days.thanks n cheers ..
  12. hi guys hope any good souls out there could help me out. am having a 92ls400. have recently change a new tps. after the change, the check engine lights came on. after confirming via the "paper clip & count the blinks" method, 41 was my results. i have reset the ecu a.k.a removing the efi fuse! the check engine lights is still there.please help or any advise on my plight. thanking in advance
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