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  1. Thank you for your insight on this topic, I sincerely appreciate it! I did my due diligence and came up with asking 18,000. I know this seems high, but I figured since it is a unique opportunity for an exceptional vehicle it was a good starting price. This unique situation Combined with the facts we live in Southern California where one truly needs a car to get around (since there is no effective public transport like on the east coast or virtually every major metro in the world) and life is overall more expensive here defined my price. Certainly there can be negotiations, but it would have to be less than 20% of the asking price. There is no rush to sell this car either so we can afford to wait for the discriminating buyer. 😎
  2. Good day everyone, Thanks for reading my first post. As the username and title suggests, I am looking to sell a 2007 ES 350 which has very, very low mileage and has been sparingly driven since it was purchased in 2007. As family driver circumstances have evolved, we no longer need this vehicle. It is owned by my mother, who, due to several factors, has not driven the vehicle in over 12 years (aside from twice a year maintenance at the dealership, and short, monthly drives around the neighborhood to keep the engine in working condition). The vehicle is a “cream puff” so to speak, and I figured if there were interest in this car, this website seemed like an ideal place to ask a few questions (while passive-aggressively also looking for a buyer 😎 - just being honest, folks). I am hopeful that via the vast knowledge of the users of this forum and website, there will be at least one person who is looking for this exact vehicle. Some details about the car: This ES350 has been meticulously cared for by One Owner and includes all records and keys. All maintenance has been completed by Lexus Dealerships here in California. It still smells like a new car inside, no joke. Non-smoker, no collisions or damage and always garaged. Bonus: Cassette desk…if you are like me you still have your music on tape stored away somewhere. 😀 Color: White exterior, Cream interior Mileage: 12,400 When it was in for service two months ago, my dad said he asked some of the folks at the dealership what they would pay to buy the vehicle. He was quoted $ 3500.00 - which I chalked up as a salesperson trying to take advantage of an elderly person’s lack of knowledge of the topic. Personally I find this practice Shameful but I am not surprised on how some prey on the elderly just for a buck. I researched quickly online and found a similar car with 32,000 miles selling for almost $18,000. My question to the group is does that seem like a reasonable offer or should I request more? I wanted to ask what you all thought would be a fair price to someone who was a collector or has a spec interest in this year and model. What would ask for as far as price if you were needing to sell this car? I understand the market for vehicles is at a high, and feel they would benefit from selling the car since they no longer drive or need the car. They could certainty use the funds as they are on a fixed income and I want to improve their quality of life & do not want them getting ripped off. Thank you for reading and taking the time, I look forward to hearing what you all have to suggest. Some photos are here for an idea of the car. It really needs a good detail and it will look amazing. Many thanks, -Mike
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