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  1. Our 2004 Lexus GX470 transfer case has failed. We bought this vehicle from our mechanic 2.5 months ago. He had exchanged the fluid in the case last Fall, before we bought the vehicle. It showed no signs of malfunctioning during our test drive. The BG case is under warranty. Mechanic is suggesting one of three options: A) Open up the case, diagnose and repair. Cost unknown at this point. B) Replace with a rebuilt case that has 50k miles for $3100 out the door ($750 labor) which comes with a 90 day warranty. C) Replace with new Lexus case for $3900 out the door (same labor cost),
  2. My mechanic thinks it's the transfer case, which is under warranty. Should the vehicle not be driven at all until the case is repaired?
  3. When trying to accelerate rapidly, there is a loud clunking noise that sounds like it is coming from under the right front seat. It feels like the AWD or transmission is not engaging properly. This does not happen every time but frequently. If I accelerate gently, it does not occur. We have only had the vehicle for a couple of months. When we purchased it from our mechanic, he had disable the electronic suspension system (it had failed in the past) and replaced with mechanical springs and struts. AWD is permanently "on" as far as I know. Thanks Mike
  4. We have a 2014 that has been essentially maintenance free since we bought it in 2017. Two part question. A) Does the main hybrid battery require an maintenance during it's lifecycle and B) How many years or miles do they generally last? Vehicle has 108,000 Thanks Mike
  5. Makes sense it might be one of those door flap motors for the vents. We'll wait until warmer Spring temps and see if they are quieter. If not, we may just need to pull the dash and possibly replace one or more of those motors. Thanks for the help!
  6. It's a little tough to say about the coldness of the air because it'll be a while before warmer weather shows up here. It does seem that the noise calms down a bit the longer we drive the vehicle. So, after 10 minutes of driving, it is not as bad but it is still there. I do wonder if it is expansion and contraction of parts in or under the dash. My mechanic theorized that it might be a fan that expands or contracts and shifts ever so slightly in it's rotation, which causes the initial noise and then goes away, as the fan blade shifts again. Are there any engine parts behind the das
  7. Just bought a 2004 GX7 that we love. 106,000. We get a fairly significant sqeaking/rattling type noise that seems to be coming from just above the middle of the dash (above the GPS screen). It seems to calm down a bit after the car has been driven for 10-12 minutes but it never completely goes away? thanks Michael
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