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  1. mweston


    I had my 2002 Lexus SC430 in for service today, oil change, rear brakes check and exhaust check. After service, the "VSC Off" lights came on the dash. That mechanic, nor another one down the street I usually use, was able to turn VSC back on by plugging the computer in. Is this a safety concern and if so any suggestions on how to get VSC function turned back on? Do I need to go to a Lexus or Toyota dealer? Thanks
  2. I just installed an aftermarket Sony stereo in 2002 Lexus SC430. I was not able to see, in the back of the radio, where to plug it into the radio antenna. Is there an after-market piece that can connect the radio to the car's antenna (that comes up out of the trunk) in order to pick up FM stations? Thanks
  3. Meant to mention this is a 2002 SC430
  4. It's time for new tires. I've driven on Michelin's for the 5 years I've owned this vehicle. Love the car but the ride has always been insanely stiff. I feel every bump in the road. Is there a brand or type of tire that will soften the ride? And/or anything I can do with suspension to help? More than one mechanic has checked out suspension parts and there is nothing broken or worn out? Thanks!
  5. Dave. Thank you for the link to RockAuto. There are so many choices here. How do I determine which unit or units is right for the SC430? Mike
  6. Mike. The directions on the can say "add 2 ounces" so I've started with that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks!
  7. What is a fair market price (part and labor) to replace a cat converter on a 2002 Lexus SC430? How much for the converter and how much for labor? I don't even know. Does it have two or three converters? Codes are: 0172, 0175, 0430 Thanks! p.s. I am in CO which has emissions standards close to CA
  8. Driving a 2002 Lexus SC430. Just recently started either burning or leaking oil. Never an issue before. I've owned for (4) years. miles is 108,000. Had value gaskets replaced about (6) months ago. I don't drive many miles, maybe 150 per week. Noticing that I have to add a quart every 3-4 weeks. however, recently took a 250 mile trip and was down a full quart when we arrived at destination. I don't smell burning oil and can't visually see any leaks around the engine, at least not easy to see. Suggestions? Thanks! Mike
  9. I have a 2002 SC430 that I bought (4) years ago with 58k. It now has 102k. Should I get timing belt done? Is this a type of engine where if it breaks it bends valves, damages engine etc? Thanks
  10. I bought this vehicle in 2017. Just turned over 100,000. SHould I get the timing belt work done now or can it wait? Thanks
  11. Our 2004 Lexus GX470 transfer case has failed. We bought this vehicle from our mechanic 2.5 months ago. He had exchanged the fluid in the case last Fall, before we bought the vehicle. It showed no signs of malfunctioning during our test drive. The BG case is under warranty. Mechanic is suggesting one of three options: A) Open up the case, diagnose and repair. Cost unknown at this point. B) Replace with a rebuilt case that has 50k miles for $3100 out the door ($750 labor) which comes with a 90 day warranty. C) Replace with new Lexus case for $3900 out the door (same labor cost), Lifetime warranty. There is a $2000 reimbursement from BG warranty on the repair. Do these quotes sound right and which of the (3) options would be best? The vehicle only has 108,000 miles. Thanks
  12. My mechanic thinks it's the transfer case, which is under warranty. Should the vehicle not be driven at all until the case is repaired?
  13. When trying to accelerate rapidly, there is a loud clunking noise that sounds like it is coming from under the right front seat. It feels like the AWD or transmission is not engaging properly. This does not happen every time but frequently. If I accelerate gently, it does not occur. We have only had the vehicle for a couple of months. When we purchased it from our mechanic, he had disable the electronic suspension system (it had failed in the past) and replaced with mechanical springs and struts. AWD is permanently "on" as far as I know. Thanks Mike
  14. We have a 2014 that has been essentially maintenance free since we bought it in 2017. Two part question. A) Does the main hybrid battery require an maintenance during it's lifecycle and B) How many years or miles do they generally last? Vehicle has 108,000 Thanks Mike
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