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  1. My local dealer cannot determine what is going on with my 2001 RX. Sporadically, some part of the Traction Control System is detecting wheel spin on dry concrete. For example, sometimes when pulling away from a stop sign, the slip indicator lights up on the dashboard, and the TCS cuts engine power to the wheels. This also often happens when I pull into my driveway. The driveway has a curbed end, and when I go up that curb with the wheel turned to the right, you can hear the "groan" of the TCS and feel the reduction in power to the wheels. This is not something that happens due to heavy acceleration on wet or gravel roads. It is happening during normal driving conditions on perfectly dry concrete. After a few seconds, the TCS finally figures out there is no problem and power is restored, but it is unnerving when it happens. Needless to say, I am not comfortable driving the vehicle now, as I'm worried it may cut power if I do need to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle or something. Dealer has supposedly checked sensors, "air gaps", tire pressure, diagnostics, etc. No help yet. I'm able to reproduce this when driving around with a technician. They at first thought it was an ac line hitting the engine block. Definitely not... It is going back again this week for another round of "hmm.. that's odd". Any thoughts on this? Thank you!