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  1. Hi everyone I'm new here to the Lexus club and recently bought my first 2003 Lexus GS300. Originally, I didn't know it had a 2JZ-GE engine under the hood, now I do & I'm curious of which mods/upgrades I can do to add more horsepower, torque, and turn it into a real sleeper. My desire is to add a twin turbo, cold air intake, Tein suspension, tune, HKS exhaust, volk/bbs wheels, aristo bumpers & other tasteful things. Any suggestions as how I should go about with my build? I live on the west coast and there are a ton of mechanic shops that I can connect with to setup a blueprint to design it which will obviously take some time. But in the mean time, how has your experience been with the GS300/similar models of that era? Thanks in advance.