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  1. Was just informed that the battery was on backorder from Interstate. 😨 I'm new to the whole Hybrid scene so I'm taking this as I go along. Was told the battery is called Auxiliary battery and it's not the one that is used to power the gas vehicle. For those who have/had similar experiences, can you chime in? Thank you 🙏
  2. From chatting with service manager, the problem lies with the battery (one of the 6 fuel cells fails). It’ll have to be replaced.
  3. Hello there, Apologies if I'm reposting a similar thread or not following the rules for creating a thread. I'm a new member. Want to provide an overview of my situation: I bought a brand new 2019 RX 450H F Sport for Wifey 2 weeks ago. Last night while trying to start the car in the garage, the whole odometer and lights started flashing (feels like disco lights). It went on for about 10 mins. The car couldn't be started. The message displayed was something about the Brake (P) malfunctioning. The car just reached 600 miles. Had to call the Lexus Emergency line and got the car towed to the nearest Lexus dealership. Received a message this morning from the dealership that the car and battery will be inspected (will need few hours). I wished I would have taken a video of it to show the magnitude. Want to get your advice and opinion from fellow members. Has this ever happen to anyone? What could have cause the issue? My Wife was both distraught and disappointed since it's a brand new car. On the bright side, this happened in our home (situation could have been worse if it happens in the middle of freeway). Thank you for your responses in advance. Kind Regards, Jellygeee