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  1. Interesting. I would hope someone that has a luxury vehicle, even as a lease would take decent care of it, if nothing else so they don't get dinged at traded in time, but sure not always the case. Agree, seeing where the owner lives is the gold standard. We have a situation where the vehicle would be driven 20k+ miles a year so can't justify a new one at this time. Want to get a CPO with at least 3 years of coverage and reassess at that point (my wife will be retired from her current job by then, she puts on a fair number of miles for work).
  2. Les Lex 2018 appreciate your thoughts. My take is a bit different on the repair parts. If you have a starter for example that is the same starter as used on a Highlander takes the same time into install, I would not expect to pay double. I was thinking of some of the more exotic items that can be had on a Lexus as opposed to another vehicle such as the triple beam LED lights. I believe I read replacements for those were in the $100's. I want to try and keep away from any options that have a crazy repair cost. Also curious, why wouldn't you consider an off lease vehicle? I'm finding several within a couple hundred miles of me (radius takes in 4 major metro areas) that have all the basic options we would require, around $25k miles and colors that would be acceptable to us. I live in IL, land of the windshield chippers :). Appreciate your thoughts.
  3. I am looking at getting a CPO RX350, 2016-17. It will be driven about 25k miles a year so getting away from the initial depreciation and the unlimited miles warranty interest me. Per my understanding basic maintenance on a RX350 is pretty typical of any vehicle and since it is a Highlander pretty much any good shop can do the work (after the 20k of free maintenance with the CPO). Is there anything I need to watch out for? In particular one of the vehicles we are going to look at has the triple beam LED headlights. I've seen some vehicles where these type lights are stupid expensive to replace. Has anyone run across a non-warranty component that gives out and you've gotten an unexpected surprise when it comes time to replace? Thanks much.