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  1. Here's what I found out about the outside mirrors retracting: First they will only retract if all doors are closed, therefore they will not retract using the lock button on the inside of the door. They will retract using 3 different locking methods - -1. close all doors and use the keyless FOB, 2. close all doors and use the detention in the door handle to lock them, 3. close all doors and with the tailgate door open press the close button twice--the door will close, then lock the doors, then retract the mirrors.
  2. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 2017 RX350. I'm trying to set my outside rearview mirrors to the automatic mode so that they open and close based on the vehicle being locked or unlocked. The manual says to just hit the "Auto" button and that's it. Well it doesn't make any difference what I do as far as the doors being locked or unlocked. I've tried them in park, reverse, and drive and they do nothing when in the auto mode. They work fine manually. Any ideas?