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  1. Thanks for your help, GuyTelefunken! I want to look at how much extended warranty costs on this car... when I was purchasing it used, I was offered a warranty which I now regret I did not get.
  2. Do you know what part they are suggesting on replacing in the SB? Is that the whole Navi Display??? I am out of warranty, so I am concern about the repair costs. Besides, if I am not mistaken, 2001 should be quite different from 2000. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have an interesting problem with my 01' GS4 Navi: First I noticed that top row "AC" button lights are NOT after starting of the car ("Auto", direction, defroster, etc) Then, when I go to "Climate" mode, onscreen AC control buttons don't work: they are not disabled (greyed out) however, upon selecting, have no effect on AC. In addition temperature (outside/inside) numbers are not displayed. (see the picture below) To my surpise, though, AC is actually working: I can press "OFF", "AUTO", or any other buttons from the top row and get the expected result. Also, the trip computer's numbers are gone!!! WTF???? Any idea what it can be caused by? Thanks!
  4. I purchased the car from a toyota dealership... The key is missing from the car (I should have checked before buying) and the dealer does not have it either ( I've already asked)
  5. I just realized that there is no key for the locking lug nuts on the car that I recently bought. Any ideas on how to remove the locking ones and replace them with regular? Thanks!
  6. I jump started the car and drove it to the nearest Lexus dealer (2 miles). $150 bought me a new OEM battery installed (car warranty ran out 2k miles ago) and a "free" car wash. Even though the dealer did not want guarantee that all the settings would be preserved, they did with an exception of Navigation Area... it was pointing to East Cost instead of Midwest.
  7. Hi, The car would not start in the morning... I steering wheel would not extend, the controls do not light up, the horn is out.... the inside light is barely on. It seems like the battery is almost dead even though the car was fine the night before. if it is in fact the battery, are there any recommendations on replacing it? Can I jump-start the car? Will I have to go to the dealer to reset all the info (including Navigation)? Thanks!