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  1. AJ - dont you have a turbo sc right now? I was reading on your past posts and you did mention that you had a NA-T. Correct me if i'm wrong.. Anyone here interested in purchasing a 2002 Audi A4 1.8TQM? :magic:
  2. Just got done looking at The turbo kit they offer for the GE sounds pretty good. Does anyone here have experience with them? Are all the necessary parts included in the kit? Like others here on the board i'm interested in purchasing a SC300 and putting a turbo in it. Of course the first thing to do is find a car first. I'm still a little confused on which year to purchase. I guess i'll let my wallet decide. Any experience/advise is appreicated. TIA!
  3. Lets say I purchased a 92 or 93 sc, will i be able to put in a 95 ecu? Are they hard to find?
  4. What does ODB mean? What is the difference btw ODBI and ODBII?
  5. hehe i decided to read the FAQ. wow now i have too much to read. Thanks!
  6. HI! I've been reading this site for a while and decided to ask a question. I am in the market for a sc300. But before i get into something i'm not familair with i need some help. What are some of the differences between the years? Anything major i should be aware of? the GTE swap really over 10K? i do plan on modding the car but i cant justify spending 10k if i was to go down that route. Any advise is appreciated.
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