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  1. Just an update guys, upon checking some seats for pets I saw this dog car seat which I think is a perfect fit for my chihuahua. I think with this dog car seat, it will be able to protect my pet from an accident while the car is moving and will also help me to eliminate distractions for me while driving. Has anyone tried a dog car seat before? Would you recommend it?
  2. I do not want my Lexus's seat to be damaged by my dog, any idea where and what kind of car seat for a pet is okay for a Lexus ES 2006? My dog is just a small chihuahua.
  3. Nice house, it's really fun to watch house the house was built from the very start. ;)
  4. Thank you for welcoming me! ;)
  5. You still need a mechanic to check it up. Sometimes there are hidden problems that you will not know unless you have it check. ;)
  6. Hi guys, I'm the newest member of the crew, I owned a 2006 Lexus ES which I use for work regularly and etc. My hobbies are playing computer games, watching sci-fi movies, and reading books. I do hope to get along with everyone.