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  1. Hello to all. I'm new to these forums & glad to be here. I've been wanting a 350 for several years and am able to become an owner in the very near future. A guy I work with now has worked 5 years at a dealer near by & is still real tight with the used car manager. He says he can talk to him to get me one at an auction when I'm ready. I've got a little ways to go on the down payment, and get the balance thru my credit union. It'll be nice again to look at a car I'll be driving to work & be excited about the prospect. johnj1020
  2. Hello! I'm brand new to these forums, but I saw your question, and I've got some input for you. I work with a guy @ O'Reilly Auto Parts here in Arlington Heights, Il, who owns a 2001 LS430. He just bought a set of tires at the Discount Tire near by, (he's a regular customer there), & settled on some B F Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 Hi-Perf all season radials, & has nothing but good things to say about them. Out of curiosity I went to their site, read the reviews & 2 of 3 customers said they'd buy them again. I'm considering them for my ES 350 when the time comes. Hope this helps. johnj1020