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  1. I had a progression of problems New Years Eve that eventually led to abandoning the car. First, the cruise control would not function properly in a slowdown zone on I69. Second, I noticed the power steering was gone. I exited the highway and pulled over into a Target parking lot. On the way, my inside electrical functions, radio, heat, display, etc... began shutting down one by one. I had no indication of an electrical problem at the time, only the symptoms. The headlights eventually went out but I was able to get the car parked. The next day I got the car started after charging the battery. I reasoned my alternator may have been out and I was surviving on battery power. Later in the day the battery acted as if it were drained. The battery has been tested (only 1 year old) and it checks out fine. My local mechanic in my small town cannot get me in until next week. I have no codes or anything else to go on. But any insight into my problems is appreciated. Nye