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  1. TRAC Code 47

    I'm trying to get a handle on some acceleration issues and idle issues. So, my '94 LS400 (with Trac) throws the code 47 (when reading Trac Codes, of course). I'm told that code 47 means: When idle switch is ON, sub-throttle position sensor signal is 1.45V or higher - That's a bit vague... And that's where I'm confused. My understanding is that the sub-throttle position sensor, like the primary TPS should be seeing 5V from the ECU. But the code is telling me that the signal is 1.45V or higher. Does that mean the signal from the ECU is too low and should be higher? I haven't done any testing with a volt meter yet...I need a bit more clarity on what I'm shooting at. For instance, where is the 'idle switch, what turns it on or off and when? Thanks... any comments appreciated. Louie7