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  1. I found the place where it shoudl be... the F_CKING MOR@N who installed the aftermarket stuff earlier cut the wires and connectors off ! He spliced into the wires then cut the harness end. IF I could get that guy I would strangle him with the wires he forgot to cut off ! so anyway no amp and no connectors ! anybody has an extra un-needed amp please let me know I buy it from you !
  2. I have a 2002 GS300 and looking for a amplifier. It does NOT have the Nakamichi system, just a regular Pioneer head unit and CD changer. It used to have an aftermarket system but I'm switching back to factory. I replaced the head unit did the wiring and no sound but all powers up. Somebody suggested that I check the amp but there is none to be found ! He told me it is in the trunk, but I dont see anyuthing in there. maybe I'm not looking at the right place ? any help is appreciated. If there is an amp and I do need one, anybody has one for sale ? maybe if somebody switched to aftermarket then he/she might sells the oem unit ? I probably need the wiring also as I don't see any cut wires anywhere in a trunk either !
  3. laszlo70

    2002 Lexus GS300

    This car is FOR SALE !!!
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