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  1. Lost Ignition Key 91 Ls 400

    Great. Can you give me the contact of your Lexus dealer? Hope they can help me... Thanks and regards, Otavio Ventura
  2. Lost Ignition Key 91 Ls 400

    Dear Friend, you're right. I didn't loose my key, it's working, but MANUALLY. I'd rather have it working in the remote mode, that's it. I have the spare key too, inserted in a card, but that's something I can't understand, how an expensive car like the LS-400 came with only one remote key... Best regards, Otavio Ventura (Brazil)
  3. Lost Ignition Key 91 Ls 400

    I'm looking for one too. Where can I buy "the chip and 2 keys as a package"? I didn't find it at Sewell. Thanks, Otavio Ventura (Brazil)