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  1. I was going to buy a Lexus RX 350 maybe a 2013-2015 models but is it worth getting the hybrid and are they just as reliable?
  2. So I want to buy a Lexus RX 350. The 2012 model year was tuned to run on 87 octane gas. The cost difference between 87 octane and 93 is at least $5,000 over 300,000 miles. Which I run high miles on my vehicles. About to break 300K on my 01 jeep xj. So I was gonna get a 2012 because it can handle a different octane. But I don't like the color choice in 2012. So I called a TECH at the dealer. The Tech guy in the dealer service center said all models should use 93 octane except once in a while its ok to use 87 if nothing else is available. I said but 2012 was tuned to run on 87 octane, he said no it wasn't and to use 93 octane. All kinds of web information says the 2012 was re-tuned to run 87 octane. I want to run 87 octane for 300,000 miles. Will this hurt anything and can I run 87 octane in other years as well. Once this is figured out I'm ready to buy one. Need your thoughts.