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  1. I have brand new, in box: - Moog ES80291 Tie Rod End - Moog ES80290 Tie Rod End - Beck Arnley 101-4897 Stabilizer Link - Beck Arnley 101-4898 Stabilizer Link - MOOG K500213 Suspension Ball Joint - MOOG K500214 Suspension Ball Joint I will match Amazon prices and eat the shipping (within continental U.S.). I ordered these parts for my car but did not realize that I didn't need them until it was too late to return them. I'm just trying to get most of my money back. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, or Z-cash accepted in addition to Paypal, Venmo, or Western Union.
  2. I recently purchased a '00 LS400. It is my first Lexus and I am very happy with it, overall. As with any 17yo car, it needs a little work. I have used similar forums for experienced advice when working on other cars I have had and I hope that this will be as useful and informative. The main issue I am having now is a clunk/rattle from the front end going over uneven pavement and occasionally under braking. It drives straight and only has a slight steering wheel vibration around 60mph. Once in a while I hear a pop when turning at low speed. In addition to help with diagnosing this noise, I would appreciate some tips on which aftermarket suspension components I should use for increased performance with little compromised comfort. Are there recommended configurations for suspension upgrades? For example, in the BMW world H&R race springs are frequently combined with Koni adjustable shocks. Additionally, there is a persistent whine from the power steering pump. The fluid looked good but a little low when I bought it. I topped it off with ATF and some Lucas transmission additive. I guess the pump may just be wearing out but it may also be possible that this is a problem another member has experienced that has a different/cheaper fix. I have no overhead cab lighting when the doors are opened or when the switch is engaged. The LCD on the clock/radio controls is going out. If anyone knows where to buy a used one for cheap, the details would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to any that are able to provide advice. I look forward to getting enough experience with this car to pay it forward in the future. Max