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  1. Ok thank you! I even tested the fan to see if it was the fan clutch and it even has some resistance, it doesn't spin freely. I'm truly hoping it isn't the head gasket, but is that an easy or difficult DIY job just in case? I will bleed the system when I get in from work today and see if that helps. I've also researched about a blown head gasket and it isn't a rough start, nor does it have the white smoke issue. It also does not have the milky look in the oil or radiator.
  2. I don't believe he did the bleeding process. Yes, the heater is still working.
  3. I have a 95 lexus GS300, it started overheating a couple of weeks back. I started by putting a new thermostat and to no avail it still overheated to the point that the reservoir was boiling. I then had a water pump (bought from the Lexus dealer) put on it. Even after those 2 new parts it is still overheating! All of the other fluids are good and there are no leaks. Has anyone else had this problem with their older model GS300 and if so what was the ending result? It has the 2JZ-GE engine in there.