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  1. Power steering LS400 1991

    My LS 400 power steering seems to. E in highway mode all the time I have replaced the rack n pinion the power steering pump and have had a couple of times the steering is amazing for about an hour then it goes right back to Hwy mode and stays like that for months any ideas would be very appreciated thanks Ron
  2. Reverse light comes on when in drive

    Agin thats I open the trunk and found the white wire pulled it so slightly and it wasn't attached car is in tomorrow for a new coolant reservoir and my machanic will fix it for me . now if only we could clear up the power steering trouble
  3. Reverse light comes on when in drive

    Thanks it would seem to be the issue I will take it apart in the morning again thanks Ron
  4. Reverse light comes on when in drive

    When I am driving forward my reverse light comes on when i apply the brakes and goes off when i take my foot off the brakes My Lexus LS 400 is a 1991 and has only 183,000 km totally verified km as the car was handed down from family members any ideas what could be the trouble?