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  1. I’m going to definitely look into that! Thanks for the insight.
  2. I’m needing to replace my catalytic converters on my 98 LS with 177,000 miles. I’m a big advocate on repairing with only OEM Lexus parts but the price for the converters are insane at $1,500 a piece! I found some direct bolt catalytic converters for the car and was told they would work with problems. I just don’t want to end up having to regret by not using OEM but I don’t have $3,000 either. Has anyone had to replace their catalytic converters before and what kind did you use? Im curious also what mileage did your catalytic converters go out too. Thanks!
  3. I am curious to this topic as I once had a 99 and now I own a 98 Ls 400. I wanted to disconnect the DRL in my 99 so I could install LED high beams but my car got totaled before I got a chance. Now with my 98 it does NOT have DRL’s and was important for installing the LED high beams because you can’t if you have DRL lights.
  4. Hello all and sorry for the long absence. I have a few updates, yea I know better late than never lol. As for the idle issue, I had to properly adjust the TPS and tweak it right for the idle, especially since I replaced the sensor and is VERY sensitive. So that was the issue. Now for the bad news and the reason why for my absence. About a month after I fixed my problem and was sure it was gone, I got hit head on and the Lexus was totaled, I was devastated as it was a 99 with under 100k miles and no rust. Luckily I was not hurt, physically, emotionally yes. Now for my re
  5. A little update. I took apart the throttle body, cleaned everything. Everything looked good but cleaned it. After I put it back on, reconnected battery, and started it. Idle screamed at 2k rpm and would not go down. Had to shut off and restart a few times to get idle down. Problem still there. I replaced the Idle Air Control Moter with a new one, no difference. I am thinking throttle position sensor next? I am going to do that before I buy a whole new Throttle Body. I'm hoping it's not the computer.
  6. Update Went to 3 different dealerships and none could find anything wrong despite the symptoms. No codes = no answer I guess. I asked to replace or take apart IACV but they told me it's inside the throttle body on this year and cannot be replaced or taken out. Next step is buying new Throttle Body from Lexus $1,500. That's my only hope I guess since this car all the sensors are built in the throttle body and you have to replace the entire TB! Wow I can't believe this
  7. Actually I did not touch the pedal. It sometimes stays lower longer but in the video you see it drop, then go up a little, then up to the normal position. That was all on its own
  8. Here is a video of what the car is doing. IMG_4206.MOV
  9. Hello everyone, here is an update. My car still has the problem where the idle is all out of order. After the disconnection of the battery really messed everything up. It starts, idle immediately drops to 600-200rpm then the engine kicks back up to 800-950rpm. One dealer told me to drive it and put miles on it, I put over 300 on in 5 days, no difference. I took it to a different dealer yesterday and they told me they don't see anything wrong, no codes or lights. I'm really at a loss and loosing my mind here! If anyone could help me on a idle relearn or some idea why it's doing this would be so
  10. Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post. I had a little update, I brought the car to the dealer to have a fuel system and throttle body cleaning and then reset (disconnected battery) to give the car a whole new start with a clean beginning. I am driving it to let it relearn the idle. As of now I think it's still learning but hopefully in the next few days it should be ok. I will keep you posted.
  11. Thank you Trevor, I actually disconnected the battery yesterday to change the terminal connector, and now I reconnected the battery the idle is very bad! Now upon startup, warm, it drops down to 200 rpm in Park! I made an appointment with the dealer to see if they can figure out with what's going on.
  12. Hello everyone, this is my first post so please excuse me. I have a 1999 LS 400 with just over 90k miles. I recently noticed I have a low idle of 400 when in drive, and only drive (D,4,3,2,L). In reverse it is 650. In park or neutral 850. If I turn the headlights on the idle is becomes 600 in drive. The other idles remain the same as before. Also, if A/C is engaged the drive idle is 600. I cleaned the MAF sensor and did a spray cleaning of the throttle body (removed air intake hose and sprayed butterfly). I have no check engine light and the car runs good other than the low id
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