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  1. Timing belt

    Or it may not have been done at a Lexus dealer - it may have been done at an independent place that doesn't attach a sticker. Like I said though, if you have no concrete proof that it HAS been done, then assume that it HASN'T and get it done now. If it lets go and wrecks the engine, that puts the whole car darn near beyond economic repair, which is just not worth the risk IMHO.
  2. Timing belt

    Basically, you don't take chances because if the belt goes it could wreck the engine. If you have no service records or paperwork to specifically say that the belt has been done, then assume that it hasn't and get it done ASAP because the intervals are 100k miles OR 10 years, whichever comes first. Also get the timing belt idler/tensioner and the water pump done at the same time because the water pump (certainly on my 2005 RX300) is in the same place as the timing belt. The most expensive part of the job is the labour charges so it makes sense to do the pump at the same time which may add about £50 to the job, rather than have to pay about £300 if you did it later.
  3. Hybrids are great for stop-start town driving and speeds of up to (say) 30-35mph where the traction battery does most of the work. At highway speeds and on long runs, they just become 'ordinary' gas-driven cars that will use a bit more gas than they probably otherwise would do, due to the fact that they are dragging around the extra weight of a big, heavy battery.