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  1. Thank you lenore. I've done struts before so I should be able to handle this one. No matter how I go to work there are at least 18 lights and stop signs so I get to feel this 36+ times a day. It's nerve-wracking.
  2. Forgot to mention the AM white noise in D and R is still there. I am looking for a iPOD device and will check all the grounds in there when I put it in. Looking at GROM and Vaistech. The later seems to have a better reputation but I like the GROM for the ability to plug in a USB device.
  3. Thanks for all the replies and warm welcomes. I took it to the stealer and had them flush the tranny and asked them to do the ISC reset. I don't think they did it. The issue was exactly the same. Last week I did the ISC reset myself and it is better but still not right. I have since picked up a bluetooth OBD2 module and the Torque Pro app and learning from that. My first surprise is just how much the engine is actually off. I can see that the transient is most noticeable on engine start/engagement. ICE from idle has gradually improved since the reset. Lenore, I think we're in sync on oyour suggestion. One of my first thoughts was that the engine mounts were coupling transients into the body as there is some "ringing" to it. A weak hydraulic strut could certainly cause this kind of feel. It is also possible that the engine is not starting as smoothly as it should so I am considering changing the spark plugs (I know BIG job) and cleaning the intake and MAF. It still tries to creep forward (surges) when in park/reverse and it starts up. This has not changed since the reset. You can see it try to move from outside, maybe I'll take a video of it. I have to get smarter on how MG2 actually couples the engine into the planetary. Lots of surfing but no details on this particular function, must be a trade secret. BTW does anyone know where I can get shop manuals for this without shelling out $1000?
  4. Hello forum, I am taking my first foray into hybrid world with an 08 RX400h and joined this forum after finding some very helpful information here (ISC reset). I am hoping for a long and rewarding relationship with my new adventure. This is a very comfortable vehicle but not without quirks. I am surprised that a fellow engineer would design a system that has such an abrupt engagement of the engine. I would not be proud of a system that surges forward on engine start when in park or neutral, or reverse! The first time the engine started up in reverse I thought I hit something; after a month it is still disconcerting. Also my AM reception, which is fine in P or N, is simply unintelligible when the hybrid system is operating. Despite what the dealer says about what is normal I'm convinced these issues are indicative of something out of tolerance, loose or possibly broken. Looking forward to sharing experiences and knowledge with the group. Jeff