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  1. So I bought my 2009 RX350 in November of 2014. Overall I love this car. I have always wanted the RX. I started my Lexus journey in 1996 with a '94 ES300, then had a 98 LS400, but this car is the one I've wanted forever. I like it mainly because there are not too many bells and whistles on it...It doesn't take a computer programmer, or a teenager, to get the radio to work! Took it to the shop Friday because there was a strange noise in the steering when I turned the wheel at low speed. Come to find out there are all sorts of suspension issues, control arms, rocker arms, steering arms, etc. This seems like a LOT of suspension repairs for a car that is only 7 years old and has less than 100K miles. I mean, Dallas streets are like driving in Baghdad, but $4400 worth of repair! Luckily it's still under Certified pre-owned or I'd be up a creek. Has anyone else had problems like this? What can I expect from my next 50K miles as I'd like to keep this car at least another couple of years.