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  1. Hi Trevor - Thanks for your feedback and I'll take a closer look at what you mentioned. It wasn't the horn (too high pitched for a horn) but could be something like a security alarm siren (even though I'm not aware of a security alarm with my SUV). I'll dig a little bit more!! Thanks again!
  2. I'm experiencing something very strange with my Lexus SUV - 1997 LX450 (has 250K) and wanted to run it by you guys. See comments below. Was driving around on Saturday (10/08) during storm from Hurricane Matthew - I'm in Raleigh, NC area. I was almost home when I noticed a extremely high pitch sound coming from the engine/under the hood. Once home, I turned the car off but still high pitch sound continued. I finally had to disengage the positive battery terminal for the high pitch sound to stop. On Sunday, I popped the hood and attached the positive battery terminal and the high pitch sound started again (car wasn't started and/or key wasn't in ignition). I tried this again on Monday evening with same results - I just touched the positive cord to the positive battery terminal & high pitch sound started again. I'm assuming this is something electrical since the sound is occurring while car isn't running. Any ideas what this sound might be?