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  1. I have a 2017 Es 350. I have an iphone model 5s with a streaming music app from a site called Jango. It's free with minimal ads. The phone works with the app. The car works with the app through bluetooth on the iphone battery. However when I use the usb port to keep the charge up the phone will still deliver the music through the bluetooth function but pasues after every song and requires pushing the play button for the next song every time. Anyone have this propblem?
  2. leroy schmidtlap

    Free access to toyota tis

    Do you have cable internet or phone which I have and is much slower than cable?
  3. leroy schmidtlap

    Free access to toyota tis

    How fast is your internet speed and how long did it take? I have DSL which is slow at 1.5MPS
  4. leroy schmidtlap

    Free access to toyota tis

    Will the $15 two day pass allow me to print pages that I bring up?
  5. Does anyone have the login to toyota tis system for repair pictures. I am trying to remove the trunk switch from a 2015+ es 350 and it is difficult to do without pictures showing disassembly process
  6. leroy schmidtlap

    Fan belt tensioner pulley

    I have the diagram of the belt but which pulley is the tensioner?