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  1. haven't checked yet, but I don't feel any vibrations while driving, so I believe it should be the issue with torque converter...just saying
  2. U know what, I just got back from Costco with that 6-pack Techron deal, it's only $12 in here...:)
  3. Both of them are great injector cleanser, I got my techron pack from costco, it was on sale~~but I'll put it in my gas tank next time and see if it helps reduce the vibration a bit.`~~
  4. Gotcha, I do have 2 bottles Techron fuel injector cleanser at home, I'll go fill it in my gas tank next time, again, thanks for your helpful tips, thumb up for ya~ ^_^
  5. Gotcha, I'll go contact them again and see what else they can do to find out the issue...anyway, thx for your help~~
  6. I took it to the dealer yesterday and they ran a diagnostic on this car, and they said nothing wrong with it...and they said it's idk what to do now
  7. I just bought my car from a lexus dealer, just about a week, it's used 2011 ES 350, mileage about 30K, I noticed some vibrations on my car and idk what's the cause of it, so I hope if there's any of you guys can help me figure out what the cause of the problem is..coz I'm completely a noob on car stuff... the issue is my car vibrates when in 'D' drive while stopped at a stop light/sign, but vibrate stops when placed in 'N' help...
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