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  1. I've been told that your vehicle should have twice the towing capacity for the trailer you intend to tow. Otherwise, it's hard on your transmission and brakes, and you're holding up traffic on the mountain passes. I'm wondering what is a reasonable load for a 2012 GX 460. Thanks for any insights.
  2. I'm interested in knowing the reasonable towing weight for a 2012 GX 460. I know the weight limit is 6500#, but I've been told that it will wear out the brakes and transmission if you try to pull the limit. I already replaced the trans on an RX300 by towing and 2000# tent trailer. A mechanic told me that you should figure about 1/2 the listed weight, if you don't want to be holding up traffic and destroying your rig. Any insights would be appreciated. thanks,
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