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  1. Hello, and thank you for the forum. First post, and (would be) first time buyers of Lexus. Today we visited and finalized to buy a ct200h 2011 model, mainly for its mileage/hybrid part. The advertised price was 20,500. We negotiated to 18,800, and then the salesman played the trick that this does not cover the CPO (certified warranty). For that he asked to add 1k, so we came back to 19,800. Since it was too late, they could not finish the paperwork and we gave a check for 1,000 as an advance. Now we have a few questions to clarify. 1. The car was advertised as CPO, can the dealer (authorized) can use the bargain trick to make it non- CPO vs. CPO by changing the price? The car is listed as Lexus certified even on the Lexus website. 2. Now that we have agreed to pay extra for CPO, what proof should we ask for as a record. 3. Lexus says there is a 161 points check the certified goes through. The Lexus website lists that it checks for dents and scratches. See http://www.lexus.com/cpo/pdf/CPO_161_Checklist.pdf - Can we get the checklist for the car we are buying? Also, we see a lot of scratches and dents, does it mean it was not properly inspected? 4. Any other pointer to keep in mind? Anything specific to ct200h - warranty, maintenance, etc.? Again, thank you for your help guidance in advance, we expect to visit the forum much more in the future. - R
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