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  1. When I start out from parking in the morning, my GX ride is really rough in the back, but after a short while it smooths out? Is this a pneumatic cushion issue? Is it normal?
  2. Beautiful...I'm new to Lexus as well, got my 2009 GX470 in Dec 2014 with 60k on it and I'm definitely a fan. No major issues other than the timing belt. Runs like a dream!
  3. I found a youtube video that described that same thing, some type of bar that operates both vertical uprights in the seat back
  4. I will try in the morning....but basically the backrest of the drivers seat is supported by two uprights which should move in tandem when you recline. For some reason, the right side "upright" of the seat stays put while the left side "upright" reclines causing the seatback to twist. Hope that makes sense. I'm hoping to find someone local to fix it, maybe at an upholstery shop. I found some DIY info online but haven't looked at it in detail. It kinda floored me that the dealer said basically "we can't fix it."
  5. I've recently found out that my drivers seat won't recline....well, to be accurate, only the left side of the seat reclines and the right side of the seat stays in place. My Lexus dealership said "they couldn't fix it" which I thought surprising. It just stopped working one day. Not that I recline all the time, but I would like the option when I need to take a cat nap during a long drive or during the all day in the car work day. Any suggestions????
  6. imdav2u, thanks for that reply and also to Eugene.s..... Eugene, the diagrams were incredibly helpful; I've already bookmarked them in my browser. imdav2u, I do want to check out the LEDs but I think I was looking more for the housing and base for the bulbs. For some reason, the "door" function does not work...I can turn ON the light but it will not turn on when the door opens as all the other lights do. Thought I would replace the housing and see if that helped. Tell me what link you found the LED's under? Thanks again to you both
  7. Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas! I am going over my just acquired 09 GX 470. The cargo lamp in the back door does not turn on when the doors are opened. I've checked the switch to see that its on "door" but it does illuminate when you turn it on. anyone have a part number I can look up or a part name? I can't seem to find any site that has illustrations to make sure I'm looking at the right part. Thanks! GXCajun New Orleans
  8. I just noticed the passenger seat heigh/tilt control is not working...is there a reset or some connection I should check?
  9. I just purchased a very clean, one owner 2009 GX 470 with 60,000 miles on it. CarFax was good, but wondering if there was any thing specific I should look out for or anything I should have looked at to make sure I'm not headed for a big service. Appreciate any input...
  10. Welcome to the Lexus forums GXCajun :)

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