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  1. My 2008 IS 250 will not start. I push the brake in and push the start button when the light is green and the only thing that happens is the gauge needles move like they normally do when it starts, but nothing else happens. No ticking noise, no attempt to turn over, no noises what so ever. This past Saturday I started it and pulled it out of the garage to let it warm up before I left home. I went into the house for a couple minutes and when I came back out it was not running. I then replaced the battery with a new one because I new the car needed a new battery and colder weather was on its way. After I put the new battery in the car, it started right up. Today, 2 days later, my girlfriend went outside and started the car. She immediately pulled the car out of the garage and the car died in the driveway. Now, once again, it will not start. The battery check out fine with the volt meter. WHY WON'T IT START? Thanks for your help in advance.
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