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  1. Thank you all for your responses! We have someone who is going to let us know what happened, if it can be rebuilt, and if not - has a line on a good used engine we will replace it with, if need be. Looking forward to finding out what the heck happened! Thanks again!! I'll post what we find out!
  2. We are getting a second opinion and checking on the cost of having the engine rebuilt, if possible. My son was driving the car when it happened. The radiator overflow hose had blown off and spewed white residue all over the inside of the car and there was no coolant when we got to him on the side of the highway. The oil level was full. He said he was using cruise control going about 75 and it went up a hill and he let it kick down. It kicked down, revved the engine then all the lights on the dash started flashing and it just shut down after that. He says there were no dash warning lights on, but I can't confirm that - I picture him cruising along at 75 not paying much attention to anything but the blaring radio, he's 17. Thanks!
  3. Mechanic is telling me the engine in my GS430 is blown with 161,000 miles on it. :cries:Everyone I have talked to is amazed this could happen as these engines are supposed to be bullet proof. It's had regular maintenance and hasn't been beaten. Questions: Would you replace the engine? Used or re-built? We've put new tires on it and replaced the timing belt, etc. Any input, ideas and suggestions are welcome. We are leaning towards putting in a rebuilt engine and keeping it. The car is in excellent condition and I just love it. I just don't want to throw good $ after bad, so I want to make a practical decision! Thanks!
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