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  1. Can someone post the service manual pages for changing out my accessory belt tensioner pulley. I was told this is an easy job, but I am not sure what all needs to come off, Thanks
  2. Where is the best place to buy the adjuster assembly, And any detailed pics of the plastic cover removal would be HIGHLY appreciated. Any detailed info would help, I have never done this to a Lexus so I am just a little gun shy, Thanks
  3. anyone have a step by step procedure for this, maybe a service manuel page you can post. Thanks
  4. Thanks, my next question is ,how hard of a job is it to replace the whole assembly, I usually do all work myself unless it is to complicated. The shop that I use sometimes quoted me an estimation of $450.00 to fix it. Would it be worth it to let them do it or just attempt it myself. Thanks again
  5. My belt tensioner pulley on the accessory ,drive belt locked up and shredded the belt, Can you just change the pulley or do you have to change the whole pulley adjuster assembly.
  6. I realize that this is an old topic, but, I am getting ready to order some new wheels for my 93 SC300, I have 18's on it now they are 7.5 wide, I want to do a staggered set up, 18 x8 front and 18x9 rear what are the offsets needed, I found a place that has a staggered set but the offset on both wheels are 38mm front and raer, my car is lowered about 1 inch , Will these work . Thanks
  7. How do you change the tailight bulbs. do you have to remove the tailight to get to the bulbs.
  8. Do I have to remove the inner fender to get to the side marker light it is blown also does anyone make a clear lens for this light. Instead of the amber one.
  9. Thanks alot, I fixed it The distributor cap had moisture in it and also a hair line crack, I replaced the wires,plugs , cap and rotor button, while I was doing it.It is fine now .
  10. I tried to dry out spark plugs and let it sit overnight with the sparkplugs wires out of the distributor so this morning I put them back on and it still is missing. Any other suggestions.
  11. Thanks alot I will go try that right now.
  12. Its the sparkplugs, they get water in them and miss. Its the back 2 that seem to collect the water. I've had the same problem after it rains sometimes and the first time after my engine got washed off. Take off your covers and see if you can suck the water out with a shop-vac or stick a rag in there to soak it up. Its not easy to get to but I'm 99% sure thats your problem since its right after an engine wash. ←
  13. I just washed off the engine and now it is missing real bad ,it won't run good enough to drive, any ideas of what too look at , I guess something is wet but what. It is a 93 SC300. Any suggestions woulkd be appreciated.
  14. How do I get to the bulb in the front marker light on the side of the car. Not the turn signal clearance lights. Also does anyone make clear lenses for this same light. Thanks alot.
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