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  1. How do I remove the subwoofer cover on my Levinson subwoofer in 2002 ES300? Some posts suggest the removal of the rear seat. Doesn't seem necessary as I only want to silicone the speaker. Thanks
  2. how to remove levinson subwoofer cover in 2002 es 300

    1. cricketla


      Some posts suggest that you need to remove rear seat to get the sub out. I only want to remove the cover so I can silicone the speaker.


  3. I had the same problem and took the positive side off othe battery for about 10 minutes and so far all three lights are off! Dana
  4. you need to read your owners manual. when these three lights are on, the car has gone into "safety mode" and engine performance will be governed. We can't help you any further until you provide us with the trouble codes that are now set in the ECU. Take it to AutoZone as they will read the codes for free. Port the codes up here and we will be able to better assist you then. There are hundreds of codes and combinations of codes that will set off the warning lights you describe. steviej Same problem with my 2002 ES300. Three lights came on when it did not properly warm up. Thanks, Dana
  5. My 93 ES had a 6pk cartridge made by Pioneer. I used to buy them at audio stores. I want to know where I can get a different style cartridge for my 2002 ES. On this one you have to hold down a button to get the CDs out.