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  1. I did find the part you referred to in the nav manual. Unfortunately this seems to be just for DVD video playback. I don't believe I have that option. I tried inserting DVDs but I didn't get anything as shown in the manual. Still searching for answers.
  2. I've just checked my manual and page 2012 didn't have anything about parental control or lock. I'm now searching the website you mentioned. Does your manual have that info? If so, how can i access it in my es350?
  3. That was a tech support person and amazingly not one in India! They actually pointed out that it could be a parental control problem. I get all the other channels, but Howard, and the other uncensored channels. Parental controls are a real thing on many sat products, but it's up to the individual car maker to have them in the menus. That's all sirius could come up with. I'm frustrated and at a loss.
  4. I have a 2007 es350. Satellite wasn't there when I bought the car so I bought a sirius xm tuner and had it installed at a stereo shop. It works well with the lexus radio and interface, but it seems parental controls are blocking many channels. I want to get them off so I can listen to Howard Stern, the Eminem channel etc. siriusxm doesn't know anything about the lexus menu system and I haven't been able to find them on my own. Does anyone have any experience with this? How can I turn off parental controls? Is it something different?
  5. Good morning! Yesterday I got a sweet deal on my very first Lexus! I bought a CPO 2007 ES350 with 68,000 mi and premium plus package for $16,250. I asked and they threw in the updated nav DVD for me as well. It was a great deal IMO, and I'm excited to have my first Lexus. One question: I'm getting satellite put in and having the dealer install it using the sat kit available for the 2007 model so that it will be integrated into the dash and system. Has anyone done this as opposed to putting in a mounted aftermarket satellite receiver? Are there any pitfalls I should avoid? Is the dealer the
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