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  1. Sharp car, nice color. Welcome from Texas. Sometimes I wish I had a longer commute so I could spend more time inside. :-)
  2. Here is the replacement parts list from Sewel:
  3. BAM, could you post a daytime photo of your tail light lenses? On the surface it looks like the same shape, just not as many lights on yours on the trunk/boot side as in US. If the the backup lights and turn signals/repeaters are the same I would think if you wanted and were skilled you could make the change. Wiring might be just simple harneses that match up with no splicing. You would have to get an installation/electrical schematic of both to be sure. In another lexus forum many people get parts from
  4. Hello, I've been driving my ES300h for about 4 weeks now. Starfire Pear with black interior. Ultra Lux package. I traded in my 2009 Camry Hybrid so the hybrid powertrain is not new to me. I love the technology and I measure performance on a different set of dials. I wanted a Lexus when I bought the Camry but they didn't have a hybrid power train for the ES then. I had every option available at that time in the Camry and as much as I loved it, the Lexus is a big upgrade from the Camry. Thanks for allowing me to show off a few pictures.
  5. I took these this past weekend after a wash. I can't quite tell, but it looks like the badging on your car is different too. Starting in 2013, we don't have the Lexus badge on the left side anymore. Just the model on the right side. You can also see them in this Lexus commercial at about the 16 second time index.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums atoyota :)

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