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  1. Hi Everyone I finally figured the problem with my nav and display screen. It was the ipod adapter i installed that was messing up my system and it has been resolved by just disconnecting the adapter.
  2. Not sure the DVD works but the screen does not come up. There is no power to the roof display. I must be missing a power breach somewhere. This is so frustrating.
  3. I have checked all fuses in both the hood and driver's side. They all appear to be in good shape. I checked all the regular 2 pin fuses but I didn't check the bigger relay types.
  4. Just found out that my DVD screen (roof mounted) is also not working. So I am assuming the problem is with something the Nav system and DVD screen share in common. Any idea what this might be?
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for responding. The battery went flat because the car was left in the "On" position. The battery wasn't fully discharged but it couldn't crank the engine. All attempt to jump start it was unsuccessful. I think my jumper cable was defective so i just took out the battery and replaced it with another. I meant to say that "I have been able to reset my windows and moonroof". I have re-inserted the DVD about 10 times. The Nav DVD player works fine as i can hear the mechanism moving. i will try to reset the navigation system tomorrow using the info on this site
  6. Final Update on this topic. I installed the Yatour adapter with Aux and ipod inputs. i also combined bluetooth with the adapter and it works like a charm. anyone considering an adapter should look at this. The entire set up cost about $120 and the installation was free....did it myself. Thanks everyone for all the help.
  7. Changed the battery in my car today and all hell has broken loose. I have been away to reset my windows and moon roof but my Nav has a mind of its own. MAP, DEST and MENU screens are all blank. However CLIMATE, AUDIO, DISPLAY works perfectly. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Update Hi everyone. my research finally took me to a product from a company called Yatour. They have several options: Usb, SD & Aux input or ipod input. You can also combine bluetooth with any options. Price is very reasonable so i am very excited about this. However, to keep both the adapter and CD changer, i need to know how if it the CD changer that is directly connected to the head unit radio (CD changer port) or the nav system as i have not opened up mine before. I will appreciate any pointer on this.
  9. Denslexus, from my reseach, it appears that the Parrot mki2000 is suited to GX 470 without Navigation. Do you know if anyone with navigation has installed it?
  10. Thanks for all the postings. I think I am leaning in the direction of 1990LS400 as it appears there is nott a lot I can do with the 2003 with nav (from my research on forums). Any recommendation on auxillary input options or is there a diy available as I am quite comfortable doing electronic/electrical upgrades.
  11. Hi dcfish...thanks for responding. I have seen your threads and responses all over the forum and they have been very helpful. I have contacted Vaistech and received recommendation. I have been offered SL3i or MML. Neither is a bluetooth solution. Secondly, none of this solve my other problem of improving the look and feel of the screen. Is it possible to swap out the HU (i hope this is correct) for an after market option or for newer models of GX with better look?
  12. I am a newbie and just acquired a sweet 2003 GX 470 with NAV, DVD and ML. I am hugely disappointed that it has no input for ipod or MP3 so I have a few questions Is it possible to include an external input source. There seems to be no clarity about 2003 with nav option in all threads i have read Is it possible to upgrade the firmware for the screen so it is more modern or change it out completely so i can solve all the problems with a screen with USB, bluetooth and ipod inputs Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Steve

    Welcome to the Lexus forums adey :)