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  1. We have a company in Aus called Hayman Reese who do a 2inch kit. When I worked for the factory they were under the impression Americans use pick up trucks to tow with but Australian culture was a sedan doing all of the duties (6cyl Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore) hence both of them have 2000kg tow rating. We had issues when the Hybrid Camry launched with no tow rating and it stopped a lot of consumers buying it. Australia ended up given the new generation Camry 500kg where as far as I know no-where else in the world had any rating.
  2. Wow I only just read the warning about towing. I used to tow with company GS300's so never cared about them but if it's my own car I'm concerned. Any ideas why they advise against towing yet rate it at 2000kg? I don't want to kill a transmission!
  3. Hi guys. I used to have a GS300 in Australia when I worked for Lexus and am now looking to get another one since I now live in the US. I have a little race car that I tow which weighs 3500lbs including the trailer. The GS300 is rated at 4000lbs and I have towed similar weight cars with my old one with no issues but cannot find a tow hitch here rated to 4000lbs. Any ideas? Also did the GS450h in America get any towing capacity? Thanks guys
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums wideslider :)

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